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multi dwelling unit (MDU)

In home and building cabling, there are communications-specific services for telephone and Internet such as Internet telephony( VoIP) or Internet television( IPTV), broadcast services for radio and television, and monitoring and control services for the heating and alarm systems.

If the broadcast and communication services are networked via different transmission media - via TP cable, fiber optic cable and coaxial cable - then the Multi Dwelling Unit (MDU) ensures that the services can be tapped at several outlet sockets in a larger apartment or multi-family building.

Multi Dwelling Unit (MDU), photo:

Multi Dwelling Unit (MDU), photo:

A Multi Dwelling Unit (MDU) is similar to an extended Single Family Unit( SFU) used in single family homes. It is a distribution box that forms the Optical Network Termination( ONT), which is the termination of the optical network, and is located in the residential building or apartment. It is an enclosure that contains several separate units and connects them to the outlet boxes on the different floors and rooms of the building.

The outlet boxes are equipped with different connectors for coaxial cables of the antenna system and data cables for the data network and the Internet MDU box are connected the coaxial cables of the antenna system and STP cables of the data network. The configuration of the Multi Dwelling Unit depends on the type and number of rooms to be networked.

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