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As can already be seen from the name multi- cloud, the multi-cloud strategy uses multiple clouds. The background to this strategy lies in the cost savings, higher data security and availability. In addition, the user is not dependent on one cloud service provider.

Multi-cloud strategies can refer to different cloud services. For example, toSoftware as a Service( SaaS), Platform as a Service( PaaS) and Infrastructure as a Service( IaaS) provided by public clouds, private clouds or hybrid clouds. Unlike cloud integration, plaforms and services are not integrated.

Multi-cloud users have the advantage of greater flexibility. They can choose the cheapest and optimal cloud service for their applications. This applies equally to data rate requirements, storage capacity or functionalities. In addition, the multi-cloud strategy can reduce latency to a minimum by deploying cloud providers close to the end user. In addition, regulatory requirements and corporate policies can be better implemented. For example, requirements to store data in different locations.

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