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multi-chip module (MCM)

Multi-chip modules( MCM) combine several chips with different functions in one module, which is housed in a package. From the outside, such a package cannot be distinguished from other packages. The chips accommodated in a multi-chip module lie next to each other or are stacked on top of each other to form a 3D IC.

The side-by-side chips are connected to each other via the multi-chip board, while the stacked chips are connected by means of through- silicon vias( TSV). The stacked design is characterized by a small footprint. Before the multi-chip modules are formed into a package, they are encapsulated with a potting compound.

Multi-chip modules work with different basic technologies. If it is a printed circuit board technology, the technology is called MCM-L, which stands for laminated or printed circuit board. If the MCM modules are based on thick-film technology, they are MCM-C, which stands for Ceramic, and those designed in thin-film technology are identified by the acronym MCM-D, where the "D" stands for Deposited.

Multi-chip module (MCM) with ICs and discrete components from Golden Altos

Multi-chip module (MCM) with ICs and discrete components from Golden Altos

The various integrated circuits of an MCM module can perform digital and analog functions. They can be microcontrollers, processors and memories, AD converters, amplifiers, control circuits, radio chips, optical integrated circuits, interfaces, MEMS devices or other IC components, but also discrete electronic components that provide functionality between the individual chips.

Due to their compact, space-saving design and high integration density, multi-chip modules are used in many technical areas, in mobile devices and consumer electronics equipment, in telecommunications, automation, automotive technology and medical technology, microelectronics and optoelectronics. Due to their compact, space-saving design, they are developed for and used in automation and automotive technology, among others, and can integrate the sensor with the interfaces, the A/D converter and the microcontroller in a microsystem module or a wireless microsystem.

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