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moving magnet instrument

In most movements, the rotation of the pointer is triggered by magnetic induction: a current-carrying moving coil can rotate in the magnetic field of a permanent magnet, as in the moving-coil movement and in the electrodynamic movement, or an iron part moves in a magnetic field, as in the moving-iron

movement, or a permanent magnet, as in the moving-magnet movement. In the rotary magnetic movement, a permanent magnet moves in a magnetic field of a stationary coil. The magnetic field of the coil changes with the current flow

and thus deflects the permanent magnet, whereby the magnetic field lines acting on the permanent magnet provide the torque.

Principles of movements

Principles of movements

In addition, a fixed directional magnet acts on the rotating permanent magnet, the magnetic field lines of which provide the counter-torque and the rest position. Thedirection in which the pointer instrument

deflects depends on the direction of the current through the coil, the angle is non-linear with the current. Rotary solenoid movements are only suitable for direct current measurements.

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