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The word monochrome is composed of the Greek word mono and the Latin chroma - alone and colored - and means monochromatic. Monochromatic light has a fixed wavelength.

Monochromatic representations are monochromatic representations consisting of one spectral color that can be represented with different brightnesses and color saturations. The term monochromatic is also used for achromatic colors, which is represented in different contrast values. This B/W display form is actually called achromatic and had its renaissance at the beginning of the computer age when screen display was still done via MDA adapters and MGA adapters.

Monochromatic display with one spectral color

Monochromatic display with one spectral color

A monochromatic display can work with light-dark representations, but also with a variety of gray levels. The best known form of monochromatic B/W display is the monochrome text display. In contrast to the monochromatic representation there is the polychromatic representation, which is a multicolored representation.

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