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mobile user (MU)

In communications technology, a mobile user is one who has no fixed location and whose location changes or can change. Regardless of location and time, such a mobile user is always connected to mobile networks or WLANs and can use them to reach any other subscriber, whether mobile or fixed. A mobile subscriber can communicate and access his or her information pool at any time and from any location.

Mobile communication subscribers communicate with mobile devices with which they exchange information with the communication partner by means of voice, texts, data, images, audios or videos, transmit messages, query data, place orders or become active in social networks.

The communication connections of mobile subscribers can be established via mobile networks, but also via WLANs. Different mobile devices are used depending on the type of communication. Smartphones and tablets dominate the scene, whereby smartphones, unlike tablet PCs, can also be used for voice communication. Otherwise, there is hardly a type of communication that these device groups do not support. Whether image transfers, Internet surfing, streaming or photo and video creation; there are few applications that are not supported by smartphones. As for pure data communication, this is dominated by laptops and notebooks.

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