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Mobile ticketing is one of the mobile services. This application of m-commerce enables the use of the mobile device as a substitute for the physical ticket in addition to the purchase of an eTicket.

In mobile ticketing, the ticket seller sends a numeric code or 2D code such as the QR code to the mobile device, usually a smartphone, via a message service such as the MultimediaMessaging Service( MMS) or an app. The organizer scans the 2D code and uses it to recognize the validity of the ticket.

Mobile ticketing with the Aztec code, photo:

Mobile ticketing with the Aztec code, photo:

Mobile ticketing is widespread, especially for airlines, but also for sporting events and for tickets for local and long-distance transport. The customer benefits from fast and flexible delivery of the ticket in real time and can thus book or rebook himself at short notice from any location. Airlines, rail companies and event organizers realize cost benefits by eliminating the need for physical printouts and reducing personnel costs.

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