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mobile terminal (GPRS) (MT)

In trunked radio and General Packet Radio Service( GPRS), a mobile terminal( MT) is referred to as a mobile terminal; in contrast, the term mobile station( MS) is used in other mobile radio systems.

  1. The mobile terminal of a GPRS system communicates with a subscriber terminal equipment( TE) and via radio with a radio base station( BTS). With GPRS, a distinction is made between three different MT classes: The technically sophisticated A- class devices can make calls and transmit data simultaneously. In class B devices, on the other hand, data transmission must be interrupted to accept a telephone call. In the case of class C, the GSM/GPRS operating mode must be specified before the connection is established because it cannot be changed during operation.
  2. In the case of Modacom mobile data radio, the mobile terminal can be a computer with peripheral equipment, depending on the application. This mobile terminal is connected directly to the base station.
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