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mobile tagging

In general, tagging is the marking of goods, services, information, data packages and websites. The same applies to mobile tagging, which is used to mark cell phones or smartphones. In mobile tagging, newspaper articles, advertisements, posters, business cards or objects are marked with a 2D code that creates a link to the real world.

In connection with mobile tagging, one also speaks of Physical World Connection( PWC), the link to the real world. This link is contained as information in the 2D code and can be recorded and realized via the camera function of the mobile device.

Mobile tagging with the ScanLife 2D code reader, photo:

Mobile tagging with the ScanLife 2D code reader, photo:

To do this, the user photographs the 2D code from the original with the smartphone's digital camera. The 2D code readers integrated in the smartphones decode the 2D code and provide the information contained in it: the URL of an Internet address, texts, e-mail addresses or telephone numbers, data from a vCard or even images. Since the information density for images is limited, it is possible to resort to the QR code, whose information density can be increased by the animated QR code.

The link can then be used to access the relevant information from a website or for a download.

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