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In contrast to home shopping, where purchases are made from the comfort of one's own home, mobile shopping (m-shopping) is a form of shopping in which the consumer can shop at any time and from any location.

With m-shopping, the consumer either goes online with his smartphone and orders on the respective e-commerce website of the supplier or uses special websites that have been configured specifically for mobile shopping. In addition, m-shopping is supported by various apps.

Popular forms of m-shopping include mobile ticketing, where a ticket is purchased with a smartphone and the mobile device simultaneously displays the ticket via the QR code ( quick response) or another 2D code. Furthermore, many companies integrate the QR code in their posters, in advertisements, on billboards or monitors in trains and train stations, which customers can scan - mobile tagging - and immediately get to the ordering option.

Capturing the QR code in m-shopping, photo:

Capturing the QR code in m-shopping, photo:

These forms of shopping, which include the service of delivery, are becoming more significant as it is a simplification for the consumer and a very effective form of sales for companies.

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