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mobile pixel link (video interface) (MPL)

Mobile PixelLink (MPL) is a serial interface for mobile devices developed by National Semiconductor that connects the motherboard to the display. MPL-Link is based on the WhisperBus developed by National Semiconductor. This bus concept forms a point-to-point connection between the board and the display in mobile devices.

MPL-Link is said to require less power than the comparable Low Voltage Differential Signaling( LVDS). The serial MPL interface and has only three lines: One line transmits the data, the second transmits the clock signal, and the third forms the ground reference potential. The data transmission is current-based and works with two different current strengths of 50 µA and 150 µA. The data rate is 160 Mbit/s and can be increased to 320 Mbit/s and 540 Mbit/s by connecting several channels in parallel.

In mobile devices, Mobile Pixel Link connects the motherboard with the display or with the digital camera and supports bidirectional data transmission via the data line between the units. The bridgeable distances are around 1 m.

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