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A mobile office, M-Office, is a mobile office. It is independent of location and can be installed in mobile facilities. The term M-Office is extremely broad and includes hardware and software that is similarly used in stationary offices. Laptops and notebooks are used in mobile offices, and mobile operating systems for notebooks, netbooks and smartphones such as Windows Mobile, Chrome OS, Android, Epoc, Mac OS X, WebOS and others are used instead of the familiar operating systems.

Many peripherals are available in mobile versions, besides mini printers there are also mini projectors as mobile projection devices.

As far as voice communication is concerned, cell phones and smartphones are taking over the role of landline phones. They simultaneously offer many office functions, such as organizer functions and those for m-business and online activities. Mobile workstations are equipped with appropriate communication facilities and work with protocols for remote access, file transfer, online services, web services, faxes and e-mails.

Another aspect of mobile offices is the work environment and access to all required resources. If M-Offices are designed as outsourced offices of company employees, they are granted access to company resources by means of authorization and are integrated into the collaboration. This allows them to work as if the M-Office were located in the company.

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