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mobile network code (mobile communications) (MNC)

The mobile network code (MNC) is a two- digit identification number of a mobile network operator within a country.

In Germany, for example, T-Mobile's D1 network has the code 01, Vodafone's D2 network has the code 02, E-Plus ' E-network has 03, and O2 has 07. The Mobile Network Code (MNC) is used in conjunction with the Mobile Country Code ( MCC) in the International Mobile Subscriber Identity ( IMSI) and the Location Area Identity( LAI), among other things. The ITU-T has published the network codes in Recommendation E.212.

Structure of the IMSI code

Structure of the IMSI code

For the Tetra Address( TSI), the Mobile Network Code is 4 digits long. For countries that have joined the Schengen Agreement, the digits 1000 to 1100 are provided within a country.

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