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mobile mapping system (MMS)

Mobile mapping is a technique with which buildings, halls, train stations, stadiums, traffic arteries and much more can be recorded and mapped in three dimensions. The spatial images are captured by special mobile platforms with special cameras and evaluated in corresponding programs

. Mobile Mapping Systems (MMS) create 3D images with precise spatial mapping. They can be used to record, monitor and manage objects. These include office buildings, warehouses and production halls, concert halls, museums and theatres, railway stations and airports, and facilities for road and rail traffic infrastructure such as bridges

, motorways, roads and railway tracks. The 3D special cameras are mounted on mobile platforms, on trolleys, special vehicles or as compact units in backpacks. From the images, eD models, floor plans, sectional views and much more can be calculated. Mobile mapping systems use high-precision navigation systems such as the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) and have a high positioning accuracy. The precise spatial results are used in geographic information systems (GIS).

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