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mobile hotspot

A mobile hotspot is a mobile device, a smartphone, laptop or tablet that supports WLAN and is connected to the Internet via one of the mobile networks. Such a mobile node forms the hotspot for other mobile devices.

Since the hotspot is not stationary but mobile and changes with the user's location, it is called a mobile hotspot. A mobile hotspot can be used as a hotspot by all mobile devices that have WLAN and support hotspots. They can log in using WLAN and can surf the Internet via the hotspot. The surfing speed depends on the data rate of the used mobile network 3G, 4G or 5G. The mobile hotspot acts as a modem and WLAN router.

Mobile hotspot from Virgin mobile

Mobile hotspot from Virgin mobile

Mobile hotspots are also available as standalone, battery-powered mobile devices that support router and modem functions. Depending on the number of logged-in subscribers and data traffic, power consumption is relatively high, which limits battery life. One example of a mobile hotspot is MiFi.

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