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mobile health (mHealth)

Mobile Health, mHealth, is a concept for the use of smartphones, tablets and apps in healthcare. They are part of mHealth and support mobile healthcare with the many communication possibilities offered by the Internet.

Mobile Health aims to ensure that communication between patient and doctor takes place less in a face-to-face conversation or phone call and more by means of remote patient monitoring such as Observation of Daily Living( ODL) with which important patient data is transmitted to the primary care physician or a hospital via smartphones and the Internet.

mHealth involves capturing health data, collecting it, storing it and analyzing it. If the monitored patient data deviates from the predefined patient values, an alarm is triggered. Corresponding mHealth systems work in real time so that timely doctors can check the patient's condition and take action on patients in clinics or patients monitored at home.

There are many thousands of apps for mobile health. One example is the Health app for the iOS mobile operating system. It collects vital signs from meters from different manufacturers connected to an iOS-enabled device and combines them into a unified display on a dashboard.

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