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mobile handheld device (DLNA) (MHD)

To ensure the interoperability of home network products and services, the Digital Living Network Alliance( DLNA) has specified the DLNA Interoperability Guidelines.

In addition to the product category of Home Network Devices( HND), which support the same media format and the same network connection, there is another product category, Mobile Handheld Devices (MHD), which use the same system but have different requirements for the data formats and the network connection. The Home Infrastructure Devices( HID) provide the link between the two product categories. The Mobile Handheld Devices (MHD) product category includes the Mobile Digital MediaServer (M- DMS), Mobile Digital Media Player (M- DMP), Mobile Digital Media Uploader (M-DMU), Mobile Digital Media Downloader (M- DMD) and Mobile Digital Media Controller product groups.

While the functions of the media server, player and controller are largely the same as the products in the Home Network Devices (HND) product category, the uploader sends content to M-DMS servers with an upload function. Examples of M-DMU products are digital cameras and music players. The downloader, on the other hand, allows content to be downloaded from the M-DMS server and played back on the download device. A portable media player( PMP) represents such an M-DMD product.

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