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mobile data center (MDC)

A mobile data center, Mobile Data Center (MDC), is a modular, self-contained data center that is usually housed in a container

and can be quickly deployed. A mobile data center container offers a self-contained concept with all data center components. It contains the complete power supply with its power distribution units and UPS systems, racks for the servers and switches, and for communication components for connection to the Internet or mobile networks. Access control for employees with access rights, cooling of active components, remote maintenance and Data Center Infrastructure Management

, which provides effective management solutions for the infrastructure, are among the other functions of a mobile data center. A mobile data center can be deployed at short notice on a site-specific basis for emergency operations, military operations or media productions. As a rule, it operates energy-efficiently and thus cost-effectively. Due to the lower energy consumption compared to classic, stationary data centers, the costs for cooling and the key parameter for energy efficiency, the Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE), are reduced.

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