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mobile country code (mobile communications) (MCC)

The Mobile Country Code (MCC) is an identifier for mobile communications networks. It is a three- digit identification number that is used to uniquely identify a country and is part of the International Mobile Subscriber Identity( IMSI). ITU-T Recommendation E.212 lists the individual country identification numbers in the "Land Mobile Numbering Plan". In addition to the MCC identifier, E.212 also lists the Mobile Network Code( MNC).

The Mobile Country Code consists of three digits, with the first digit representing the continent or subcontinent, and the following digits representing the country: digit 2 represents Europe, 3 North America, 4 Asia, 5 Australia, 6 Africa, and 7 South America. Some European MCC codes, starting with the digit 2: Belgium (206), Denmark (238), Germany (262), Finland (244), France (208), Greece (202), Italy (222), Luxembourg (270), Netherlands (204), Norway (242), Austria (232), Portugal (268), Sweden (240), Spain (214).

Example of an IMSI

Example of an IMSI

The MCC code is part of the International Mobile Subscriber Identity (IMSI) and the Location Area Identity( LAI). For the Tetra address, the Tetra Mobile Country Code (TMCC) in the Individual Tetra Subscriber Identity( ITSI) comprises 10 bits.

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