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Mobile banking (m-banking) is a type of online banking. As with classic e-banking, the bank customer can carry out his transactions from his mobile device. They use the HTTPS protocol, which is equipped with security mechanisms, for online transmission via the Internet and establish a secure connection to the bank server. If the mobile devices are used in WLANs, the secure connection is established via Wireless Transport Layer Security (WTSL) or Secure Socket Layer( SSL).

As with traditional online banking, the bank customer carries out his financial transactions using the PIN/ TAN procedure and can use mobile transaction numbers( mTAN), which he retrieves from the bank server for each individual transaction. The German banking association has introduced the Home Banking Computer Interface( HBCI) for financial transactions as the standard for transcations, which can be used to carry out secure transactions.

Mobile banking, photo:

Mobile banking, photo:

Mobile banking is supported by credit institutions through apps that work with the popular smartphone operating systemsAndroid, Brew MP or Windows Mobile. In addition to location-independent transcations via smartphones, BlackBerrys, PDAs, tablets or notebooks, bank customers can also use other bank-specific services such as account management, individual and standing transfers, transaction listings, stock trading and securities account management, etc. as a mobile service. Some of these apps also work with smartphone browsers and can access the services of credit institutions via them.

Critical factors of mobile banking lie in network security, which uses encryption to prevent unauthorized access as well as data manipulation.

Mobile banking is standardized by the International Standards Organization( ISO) in accordance with ISO 12812: Mobile Financial Services.

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