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mixed signal oscilloscope (MSO)

A mixed signal oscilloscope (MSO) is a combination of a classic, analog oscilloscope and a logic analyzer and can thus measure both analog and digital signals.

With a mixed-signal oscilloscope, measurements can be made on analog signals, but also on digitalinterfaces, and time correlations between analog and digital signals can be evaluated. Logic analysis, for example, can be used to display decoded protocols or tocheck thetriggering of interfaces and on buses.

Mixed-signal oscilloscopes are a combination of digital oscilloscope and logic analyzer. They usually have several broadband signal inputs for analog signals and 30 or more digital logic channels for digital signals, which are sampled at high sampling rates of over 10 MS/s. The analog and digital signals can be synchronized in time and displayed simultaneously on the screen. As far as the bandwidth is concerned, it is comparable to classical oscilloscopes with 500 MHz or even 5 GHz.

Mixed Signal Oscilloscope (MSO) DML6104 from Yokogawa

Mixed Signal Oscilloscope (MSO) DML6104 from Yokogawa

When measuring and displaying digital signals, a distinction is made between time-related measurements and status-related measurements. In time-related measurements, the digital signal is sampled at fixed times and the sample value is stored. For the display, the digital signal is reconstructed from the sampling points.

Status-related signal acquisition is concerned with the signal status: is it High or Low. For this purpose, the digital signals are sampled at a specific time and their status is stored.

Measurements with mixed-signal oscilloscopes are supported by mathematical functions and diagnostic functions. For the control of the measurements and the further processing of the measured values, Mixed Signal Oscilloscopes can be connected to various bus systems such as the LIN bus, CAN bus, I2C bus, UART or RS-232.

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