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millimeter wave (mmWave)

Frequencies with wavelengths

greater than 1 mm and less than 1 cm are called millimeter waves, mmWave. Those greater than 1 cm are called centimeter waves, cmWave.

Frequency ranges and their wavelengths

Frequency ranges and their wavelengths

The frequency spectrum for millimeter waves is between 30 GHz and 300 GHz, and that for centimeter waves is between 3 GHz and 30 GHz. Above 300 GHz, the range of sub-millimeter waves

begins, i.e. wavelengths smaller than one millimeter. Both wavelengths, the centimeter and the millimeter waves belong to themicrowaves

. Millimeter waves are ideally suited for the transmission of extremely high data rates in the multi-gigabit range. Limitations include high free-space attenuation, which restricts propagation and allows applications only over short distances. These problems can be compensated by beamforming. For example, the free-space attenuation at 30 GHz at a distance of 10 m is already 82 dB.

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