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Like the subsplit method and the highsplit method, the midsplit method was used for frequency separation in local broadband networks.

In single- cable broadband systems, the available frequency range was divided into channels that could transmit the signals in the forward and reverse directions, thus enabling bidirectional transmission.

The midsplit method was specified by IEEE in the 802.4token bus standard and found its practical application in the Manufacturing Automation Protocol( MAP).

For transmission, 17 channels were available with 6 MHz, 12 MHz or even 18 MHz.

Wideband system Midsplit technology

Wideband system Midsplit technology

The frequency range for the backward channels (direction towards the head-end station) was 5 MHz to 108 MHz, that for the forward direction between 162 MHz and 400 MHz. The midsplit technology had a usable bandwidth of 341 MHz.

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