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microtip fieldemission display (MFD)

The MFD display (Microtip Fieldemission Display

) is technologically based on field emission. The individual field emission cells have a special design in which the cold cathode is formed by a microfine pointed cone; hence the name microtip. This design increases the surface area of the cathode compared to that of the Field Emission Display (FED) and allows a greater number of electrons to be released from the cathode material. The grating for the control function can be thought of as a kind of pinhole mask located a short distance in front of the cone-shaped tips. The grating hole diameter is about 50 ┬Ám. Several thousand microtips form a pixel


Structure of the MFD display with microtips

Structure of the MFD display with microtips

On the anode, to which the electrons are accelerated with up to 10 kV, is the phosphor, which emits light when bombarded with electrons. The MFD display is characterized by a high contrast and color purity, has a lower power consumption and short switching times and offers special advantages in terms of production technology.

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