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microlens array (projectors) (MLA)

  1. A microlens array (MLA) is an arrangement that provides more efficient light output in LCD projectors. In LCD projectors, some of the light passing through the LCD cell is absorbed by the LCD cell transistor tracks. In contrast, MLAs have tiny lenses on the side of the LCD cell that is illuminated by the projector lamp. These lenses focus the light and pass it selectively between the transistor tracks without any loss of light. As a result, projectors using MLA technology have about 20% higher brightness.
  2. Micro Lens Arrays are also used in wavelength division multiplexing, where they divide the wavelengths among the individual optical fibers. These MLAs operate with interference filters.
  3. Microlens arrays are also used in automotive technology for headlights. This technology significantly improves light quality, light guidance and illumination of the road. MLA technology requires little space and has a low installation depth compared to classic headlights with reflector and embedded lens. Such an array can be accommodated in the headlamp.
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