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Microblogs are short messages that are transmitted over the network via instant messaging or e-mail or published in social networks. The difference to classic blogs is that microblogs are shorter. This applies equally to the amount of text and the file size.

As a rule, microblogs consist of 140 to 200 characters. In terms of content, microbloggers limit themselves to the essentials: short sentences, individual images or links.

Microblogs can contain trivial news, but they can also be topic-specific, just like weblogs. They are also used commercially in online marketing to improve brand image or for cooperative collaboration among employees, or collaboration. Microblogs are listed chronologically by time of arrival and displayed on the smartphone screen. The most recent post comes first, followed by microblogs created later in time. One of the best-known web services for microblogging is Twitter, another is tumblr.

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