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micro small-outline package (MSOP)

Micro Small-Outline Package (MSOP) is a surface mountable micro package with 8 or 10 pins, MSOP8, MSOP10.

MSOP10 package, equivalent to TSSOP

MSOP10 package, equivalent to TSSOP

MSOP, which is equivalent in dimensions to Thin Shrink Small Outline Package( TSSOP), has a square package shape with a size of 3 mm x 3 mm (MSOP10) and a thickness of 1.1 mm. The pitch between the connection contacts is 0.5 mm. In the outline packages, the connection contacts are bent outwards. With the connection contacts, the complete package width is less than 5 mm.

MSOP packages accommodate chipsas well as converters, couplers and other components.

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