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micro segmentation

Microsegmentation is a solution approach for network tuning to meet the increasing bandwidth demands of multimedia and moving image transmissions. Segmentation and partitioning into collision domains increases the overall performance of the network. Microsegmentation is also an approach to increase network security.

With microsegmentation, LAN segments are reduced in size; a larger network is divided into smaller network segments. The individual network segments have higher bandwidth requirements available and individual security solutions can be implemented for the separately formed security segments. The network segments reduced in size by micro- segmentation may include only a few clients. If the network segments are further reduced in size, such a network may consist of a single station and represent a single- user segment. The advantages are that the full bandwidth is available to each station and that real-time Ethernet can be implemented.

Load separation of two LANs by a bridge

Load separation of two LANs by a bridge

Network security is enhanced by separating and segmenting communications between independent network segments. Communication between the network segments takes place via the internal transparent switching network of the switching system or via collapsed backbones.

The use of this technology ensures that investments in structured cabling can be used and communication with existing network segments is possible without restriction.

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