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micro optics

In addition to components from microelectronics and micromechanics, microoptics are also used in microsystems technology( MST), especially in optical transmission technology, sensor technology and digital cameras.

Microoptics deals with the miniaturization of optical components, lenses, filters, mirrors, beam splitters, etc. and their manufacturing processes.

Wafer Level Camera (WLC), photo:

Wafer Level Camera (WLC), photo:

Since certain applications can only be realized with miniaturized optical components, micro-optical components in monolithic or micromechanical design form the basis for the smallest optical switching matrices or fiber-optical components. Examples are micromirrors( MEM) for optical switches, wafer level cameras(WLC), optical couplers, phase arrays and electro-optical modulators, furthermore microlenses used in lens arrays for couplingoptical fibers, in cell phone cameras or in projectors.

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