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micro leadframe package (MLP)

The Micro Leadframe Package(MLP) developed by Carsem is a QFN package. This package, which is available in three versions, is similar to the CSP package. In the MLPQ, the "Q" stands for quad, the connection contacts are located on all four package sides.

The MLP package is available with 8 to 64 connections in sizes ranging from 3 mm x 3 mm (8) to 9 mm x 9 mm (64). The thickness is 0.9 mm. The MLPM package, the "M" stands for micro, is even smaller than the standard MLP package. The contacts are located on two sides of the package, which has a size of only 2 mm x 1mm (3 connections) or 3 mm x 3 mm (10).

MLPQ package with 16 connections

MLPQ package with 16 connections

The third version, the MLPD, the "D" stands for dual, has a footprint similar to those of the Small Outline Integrated Circuit( SOIC), Shrink Small Outline Package( SSOP), Thin Small Outline Package( TSOP) and Micro Small Outline Package ( MSOP) packages, allowing these packages to be replaced by MLPD packages.

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