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micro cable

Micro cables are fiber optic cables that are characterized by a high density. The bend-optimised fibres of microcables are more insensitive to bending than classic opticalfibres and have a diameter of only 200 µm compared to 250 µm of conventional glass fibres

. As a result, microcables are much more compact and can be packaged with a much higher packing density in the FO cable. The higher packing density means that loose

tubes with 144 glass fibres are only about half as thick as conventional loose tubes: Namely 8 mm instead of 15 to 16 mm. This means that considerably more optical fibres can be accommodated in the same space. Micro cables are available as fibre-optic indoor cables and fibre-optic outdoor cables. Due to their small diameter, they can be laid flexibly and can also be installed using the blow-in technique.

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