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micro app

A micro app is a small app that is developed task-specific and written in HTML. Unlike classic apps, micro apps support simple tasks and have limited functionality, such as displaying the battery charge, the function of a calculator or a calendar.

Micro apps exist for desktops and mobile devices. For the latter, they can perform social communication tasks. They are compact, modular and customized, application-specific, user-friendly and cross-functional. They can work independently or be combined with other micro apps to form more complex programs.

While classic apps support numerous features, are developed for a specific smartphone operating system, and are installed through the app store, micro-apps support specific functionality and can be installed on all devices and platforms without requiring any special coding or functionality. Micro-apps use HTML and are installed in an ad-hoc manner. They are not installed through the App Store and can be loaded into existing tools and embedded into web apps by developers.

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