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metropolitan network

Metro networks are networks that are operated by independent network operators but do not have direct subscriber access. They are fiber-optic networks located between the access networks and the core networks and, like the classic city networks, are operated by municipal institutions, regional banks or utilities. Metro networks provide feeder services to the core networks.

One approach to metro networks that companies use to interconnect their multi-site networks is Metro Ethernet Networks( MEN). For this technology, the Metro Ethernet Forum( MEF) has defined various services and tunneling techniques. These include Pseudowire and the E-Line, E-Tree and E-LAN services, which support triple-play services.

Metro networks are packet-switched in structure and operate in part with multi- protocol label switching( MPLS), which is predestined as a carrier backbone for IP traffic with classes of service and secured tunneling. The network components of metro networks are the provider edges( PE), which are connected to the customer edges( CE) on the user side.

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