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metra potential method (PM) (MPM)

The Metra Potential Method (MPM) is a network planning technique based on an activity node network (VKN) similar to the Program Evaluation and Review Technique( PERT).

As with other network planning techniques, the MPM technique is used to describe and organize the tasks that occur in a project development. The tasks and dependencies that occur are represented with simple graphic symbols circles, rectangles, lines, and arrows. In the task-oriented MPM method with its relationships, tasks are represented by rectangles, dependencies by logical links with lines and arrows.

With the MPM method, tasks can be prioritized and relationships and dependencies between the different tasks can be considered in the representation. The MPM method considers timing issues such as early or late start dates and delays in its representation and can reduce project time. As with the critical path method, the MPM method can be used to determine the longest critical path between the start of the initial task and the end of the final task. This determines the minimum time for the project.

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