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meter data management system (smart grid) (MDMS)

Meter Data Management System (MDMS) is a central component in smart grids in which various data from smart meters and Advanced Metering Infrastructure( AMI) are received. The MDMS system supports bidirectional communication with the metering devices, with which it is connected via the Internet and other telecommunications networks. It can therefore access the consumption values of the smart meters at any time.

MDMS systems are servers that process the incoming consumption values from the smart meters and generate future consumption forecasts. The consumption data they collect is further processed in connected computers, the Customer Information System( CIS), for consumption billing. Among other things, the CIS systems contain the customers' master data and process statistical data for consumption forecasts.

Consumption meters on the Meter Data Management System (MDMS)

Consumption meters on the Meter Data Management System (MDMS)

The data must also be prepared and made available for billing and dunning and for other corporate processes such as electronic document management( EDM), enterprise resource planning( ERP) or customer relationship management( CRM).

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