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metal paper capacitor (MP)

Metal-paper capacitors(MP) are similar in design to film capacitors. Instead of the plastic film, they have a special paper as dielectric onto which thin metal layers of aluminum or zinc are applied to form the electrodes.

Two of these thin paper foils with the vapor-deposited electrodes are wound up and inserted into a container or cup, or pressed into some other shape. The wound paper foils are impregnated with insulating oil, and the metallizations are contacted with terminals.

Structure of a metal paper capacitor

Structure of a metal paper capacitor

MP capacitors differ from other capacitors by their self-healing properties. This has the effect that in the event of a voltage flashover between the electrodes, the thin metal layer around the breakdown point evaporates, thus preventing a short circuit between the electrodes. Voltage flashovers in MP capacitors do not destroy them; the capacitors remain fully functional. Only after a thousand voltage flashovers does the capacitance reduce by about 1%.

MP capacitors are used in power electronics, in power supplies and as interference suppression capacitors. Their rated capacitances range from the nanofarad to the microfarad range. Their dielectric strength is relatively low at about 100 V/┬Ám.

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