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metal oxide (MO)

Resistors use resistor wire, carbon compounds, metal alloys and also metal oxides as resistor material, which is used in MOX resistors, Metal Oxide.

In the manufacture of MOX resistors, a chloride is sprayed as a thin film on the resistor body and heated until the oxide is formed. It is thus equivalent to a metal film resistor. MOX resistors are available with resistance values ranging from tenths of an ohm to several kilo-ohms. They come in all sorts of intermediate values, such as 0.56 ohms, 0.68 ohms, or 2.7 ohms. MOX resistors are available for through-hole technology and also for surface-mounted SMT technology. They are characterised by high power consumption and low noise and are mainly used in loudspeaker technology.

Mealloxide resistors are also available as Metal Oxide Flame Proofed (MOFP). MOFP resistors consist of a porcelain body coated with a metal alloy. They are flame retardant, will not ignite on overload and will not be damaged by fire or overheating of adjacent components.

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