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metal insulator semiconductor (MIS)

MIS technology, Metal Insulator Semiconductor (MIS), is based on two metal electrodes and a semiconductor layer. This is an insulating layer of high-k dielectrics such as silicon dioxide, silicon nitride or titanium dioxide. MIS technology is used in capacitors and in solar cells.

As far as MIS capacitors are concerned, they are small RF capacitors that can be used up to the gigahertz range. They can be manufactured using semiconductor technology and used in combination with organic semiconductors.

MIS capacitors consist of two electrodes with an extremely thin dielectric of positively doped silicon between them. The dielectric is a high-k dielectric with a dielectric constant of up to 80, and is only 1 nm to 2 nm thin.

MIS technology is also used in solar cells. Unlike classical solar cells, MIS cells do not contain a pn junction. In this constellation, charge separation is achieved by an electrical inversion layer. This simplifies the manufacturing process.

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