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meta search engine

There are various search engines such as Google, Altavista, Lycos, Bing or Yahoo, which each evaluate their own databases for search queries. Since the search engine operators used different search algorithms

, the search results are inevitably also different. In an exact search with complete results, one would have to perform the search queries in several search engines

. Itshould be noted that search results from different search engines can be identical and therefore appear several times.

Meta search engines take over the function of the superordinate search in several search engines


They thus represent a superordinate (meta in Greek means: above) search engine that directs the search query to several search engines and matches and processes their results for duplicates.


concept of meta search engines

concept of meta search engines

For the processing, the meta search engines used their own algorithms and their own ranking. The presentation of the results pages

(SERP) corresponds as far as possible to that of known search engines, naming the search engine from which the search result originates.

Result display of the metasearch engine Apollo7

Result display of the metasearch engine Apollo7

A well-known international metasearch engine is MetaCrwler, in Germany there are Apollo7 and MetaGer from the RRZ of the University of Hannover.

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