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meta data

Metadata or metainformation is data about data or, in other words, information about data. It is data that describes other data and facilitates archiving and retrieval. In a paper archive, metadata are indexes, detail lists, registers or other finding aids. Metadata is used wherever large amounts of data need to be clearly summarized so that they can be quickly recorded. For example, in the description of photos, audios, videos, documents or objects, in site maps and file structures and as metatags.

In terms of image files, there are three categories of metadata: Technical metadata, descriptive metadata, and administrative metadata. Regarding technical met adata, these are automatically generated by the digital camera. They include the camera data, the camera settings such as the aperture, shutter speed, image resolution, the date and time of day, the geographic location of the shot, the file size, and the file format. This can be Exchangeable Image File( EXIF), International Press Telecommunications Council( IPTC), Extensible Metadata Platform(XMP), Dublin Core Metadata Initiative (DCMI), and Picture Licensing Universal System (PLUS) metadata.

Descriptive metadata is about information for image processing. This data is entered manually and contains the name of the person taking the picture, keywords about the picture, the picture title and descriptions. And as for administrative metadata, this is about copyright, sharing and licensing information and contact details.

Metadata is used for the administration, archiving and management of stored user data. For example, metadata can include information about the data structure, file size, file format, location, and more of the stored payload.

Metadata formats for graphic files

Metadata formats for graphic files

The advantage of metadata is that it is stored separately from the actual user data in memories with short access times and can be accessed quickly and economically via its own metadata management. Whereas the user data is stored on storage media with longer access times. Object storage can be cited as an example.

The metadata can be used to access the user data database, but this requires that the structure of the metadata is defined and standardized for all database systems.

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