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message-driven processing

Message-driven processing is a fundamental process in client- server architectures and is when client in a message forwards a service request to a software program that acts as a receiver and distributor of the message.

Such specially formatted messages to a request broker are made, for example, by custom web browsers. The recipient of the message forwards it to the appropriate server application. Messages of this type can contain information about the type of service, about the configuration of the message and the time of forwarding. Depending on the structure of the message, the recipient or the request broker managing the requests and responses may reply to the sender of the message and forward the message to the corresponding server.

The method of message-driven processing is used in network concepts with distributed data processing. In large, geographically distributed networks, there is a greater need to verify messages and applications before they are applied. To handle the high message flow in such networks, additional computing components are usually used.

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