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mediation function (MF)

  1. In general, a switching function is understood to be the switching and control of telecommunications traffic between two or more subscribers or networks. Depending on the type of switching, a distinction is made between line switching, data packet switching and message switching.

  2. In Telecommunication Management Network (TMN), Mediation Function (MF) is a functional unit used to transfer information between Operation System Function (OSF) and Network Element Function (NEF). MF bundles the information, stores and filters it, and monitors the limits.

  3. In Lawful Interception (LI), the lawful monitoring of telecommunications services, the Mediation Function (MF) is the element between the Public Telecom Network (PTN) and the Law Enforcement Monitoring Facility (LEMF). It communicates with the Internal Intercept Function (IIF) through the Internal Network Interfaces (INI). The Mediation Function communicates with multiple LEMFs via the standardized interfaces such as the Handover Interfaces (HI).

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