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media library

A media library is an electronic archive for TV programs. Such a media center is generally designed as an Internet portal on which previously broadcast programs can be stored, accessed, and retrieved in streaming media via the Internet or via hybrid TV( HbbTV). Depending on the concept, use is free or subject to a charge.

Media libraries hold information in a wide variety of media. This can be presentations or images, audios, videos and computer games.

ARD-Mediathek with the different broadcasting stations

ARD-Mediathek with the different broadcasting stations

Media libraries have the advantage that users can access programs they missed or could not watch for other reasons and watch them time-shifted via media control devices. This concept is similar to a download, but with the difference that the show in the streaming video is viewed directly and not stored on the user's own computer. This would also be possible, but has the disadvantage that the user would have to provide enormous storage capacity for storage.

In the media libraries, the user can select his or her desired program according to various search options. For legal reasons, TV stations are only allowed to offer and activate the videos for a fixed period of time.

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