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The neologism mechatronics was created in the 1970s from the words mechanics and electronics. Mechatronics was created in connection with the then emerging robotics technology. In addition to the aforementioned technical disciplines, computer science was added in the 90s.

Mechatronics links mechanical, electronic and data-processing components and supports core functions of mechanically operating systems. In doing so, it improves the functionality and ease of use of products and systems. Areas of application for mechatronics are in consumer electronics such as CD players, precision engineering and robotics, and also in automotive technology in driver assistance systems such as the anti- lock braking system, automatic stability control or hydraulic brake assist.

Mechatronic model

Mechatronic model

In a mechatronic model, the functional process takes place from the mechanical system, in which sensors send current physical values to the informatics system, where they are converted, calculated, and compared with target values. The calculated data is sent to the electronic system for the purpose of control, which processes it and converts it into control signals for the actuators that ultimately close the control loop between the mechanical system, the computer system and the electronic system.

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