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measuring equipment

A measuring device is a measuring station consisting of measuring instruments, measuring transducers, measuring transducers, measuring lines and other components or devices, and with which measured values are determined. The measuring principles and measuring methods are implemented in a measuring system. Measuring equipment is described in DIN 1319 as a "device which, alone or in conjunction with other devices, is intended for the measurement of a measurand."

A single electronic measuring device is a measuring device if the measuring device fulfills the required functions, if it is calibrated and equipped with measuring leads. This means, for example, that a digital multimeter with test leads and probes is a measuring device, or an oscilloscope with a probe.

Electrical measuring equipment such as multimeters, voltmeters, ammeters, ohmmeters, oscilloscopes, etc. process physical or technical measured quantities so that they can be output as measured values. The measured values are displayed on scales, digits or screens. Outputs on paper or electronic media are used for documentation. The output for further processing, e.g. for monitoring, controlling and regulating processes, is in the form of voltages and currents or digitally. Measured values are transmitted for further processing via bus systems such as the General Purpose Interface Bus( GPIB) or IEEE 488 or the LAN Extensions for Instrumentation( LXI). Electrical measurement devices can also link multiple quantities. An example of this is the product of current and voltage in power measurement.

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