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measurement speed

The measurement speed indicates how many measurements can be performed in a unit of time. It depends on various factors and on whether the measurement is made with a pointer instrument

or a digital instrument. In general, a new measurement can only be carried out when the previous one has been completely finished, which means

thatthe pointer

ofa pointer instrument or the digital display of a digital instrument must first have adjusted to

themeasured value. The complete measuring cycle is only completed when the measured value display is in the idle position again. This time period is significantly affected by charging and discharging processes. The time

for such a measuring cycle is the measuring time. The reciprocal of the measuring time is the measuring rate. If, for example, the measuring time is 0.5 s, then the measuring rate is two measurements per second

. In digital instruments, the measuring time is essentially determined by the resolution and the A/D conversion used.

An increase in resolution by a factor of ten can be accompanied by a reduction in the measuring rate by the same factor.

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