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maximum power point (MPP)

Maximum Power Point (MPP) is a characteristic value of solar cells. It is the operating point of a solar cell at which it delivers its maximum power. The theoretical power results from the short-circuit current and the open-circuit voltage of the solar cell and is greater than the MPP value. The ratio of the MPP value to the theoretical power is the fill factor

(FF). Since the power of a solar cell depends on

thevoltage output, which in turn depends on the solar irradiation and the cell temperature, the position of the maximum power point changes constantly with the irradiation and the temperature. The inverter connected downstream of the solar cell or the grid feed device or alternatively the Micro Inverter continuously determines the MPP value and regulates the operating point of the solar module by changing the load resistance. This function of the Module Level Power Management (MLPM) is referred to as Maximum Power Point Tracking


Maximum Power Point (MPP) of a solar cell

Maximum Power Point (MPP) of a solar cell

The maximum power point can be determined by MPP trackers. These draw different currents from the solar modules and determine the current power from the measured voltage. The voltage and current values are recorded by the MPP tracker.

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