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The term mashup means to mix something together. It is one of the many new terms from the Web 2.0 environment. In this context, it is understood to mean the combination of different web services via an open programming interface( API).

By combining them, it is possible to create new, interesting services that provide the user with a greater range of services. Mashups are divided into presentation-oriented and data-oriented mashups. Typical presentation-oriented mashups are Google Maps, where additional information such as descriptions of sights, theaters with their current programs, restaurants or properties for sale are positioned in a map. It is a combination of a presentation and the data from another data source. The combination of both information, the mashup, provides more information compared to the individual information. Another example of a presentation-oriented mashup is the combination of customer data, map services, and traffic information, as is useful for routing logistics companies.

Data-oriented mashups represent a combination of several web services that together support a business process or from which important aspects for business development and orientation can be obtained.

In addition, there are mashups for content-related websites. Content-related websites can obtain their content from diverse sources and mix them together. The same applies to the composition of the content. This can consist of texts, graphics, tables, statistics, photos or videos.

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