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management plane (ATM, WLAN)

Alongside the control plane( CP) and the data plane( DP) or user plane ( UP), the management plane is one of the three basic components in telecommunications architectures.

The aforementioned planes form the functional layers in the various network constellations. The management layer defines the guidelines with which data exchange takes place via the other two layers. This is the case in ATM, WLANs and in Software Defined Networks( SDN).

The management layer supports the functions of layer management and layer management. Layer management coordinates functions and operations with the two higher layers, the control layer and the user layer.

Structure of the ATM layer model

Structure of the ATM layer model

Layer management is responsible for meta-signaling and the OAM information flow, Operation, Administration, and Maintenance (OAM). The meta-signaling controls the various signaling flows in a dedicated information channel; the OAM information is used for network monitoring in terms of performance and network management.

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