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managed service provider (MSP)

Managed service providers or management service providers(MSPs) are IT service providers who provide IT services for other companies and also manage them. MSP providers offer a wide variety of managed services, put these together for their customers as customized service packages and take over the complete service management.

The services offered include pure IT services such as hosting services, cloud computing and virtual private networks( VPN), but also services for hardware, such as hardware as a service( HaaS), for backup and recovery of data, backup as a service ( BaaS) and replication as a service( RaaS), and those that ensure security, reliability and recovery of data after a disaster, such as disaster recovery as a service ( DRaaS). Other services enhance web presence, web hosting, web presence and web serverprovisioning.

Managed service providers offer different business and cost models to their customers, they support them with remote maintenance and use remote monitoring and management( RMM) to increase efficiency. This allows them to remotely troubleshoot problems with servers and endpoints, and gives them constant control of managed services, with data backups and secure access capabilities. Depending on the service level agreement, services are provided with guaranteed uptime.

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